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App Links, Made Easy

Create, organize, and distribute all of your iTunes App Analytics links with ease using AppLinX. App Analytics links are an incredible tool for tracking the source of page views and installs of your iOS apps, but until now, using them has been a clunky process. With just a few pieces of information, AppLinX can generate fully-formed App Analytics links in seconds, right from your Mac's menu bar.

Organized & Synced

By automatically pulling down all of your App Store iOS apps, AppLinx makes it ridiculously simple to organize all of your links. Dive into any app, create, copy, search, and delete with virtually zero effort. And, because all links are stored in iCloud, they'll be available to you on all of your Macs, no fuss, no muss.

See Results

Once you've created some links and distributed them, you'll naturally want to see statistics. AppLinX allows you to jump directly to the App analytics dashboard for any app so you can get right to the data you crave. And because your links are always available, you can use them over and over again, without keeping track of them in some lame spreadsheet or scrap of paper..

Make Links, Make More Money

AppLinX creates fully formed App Analytics URLs, automatically adding the relevant app ID, provider ID, and campaign name. And best of all, if you're a member of the iTunes Affiliate Program, you can configure it to add your affiliate token as well, so you can effortlessly earn extra revenue for every app installed via your links.

Designed for Simplicity

Designed from the ground up for quick interactions, AppLinX let's you do what you need to do, fast, and without extraneous frills. Create new links in seconds, copy existing links in no time, and because it's right in your menu bar, you're never far away from linky goodness. Plus, AppLinX feels right at home in both light and dark OS X menu color modes.