Easy Barre

BarreFit is the best way to enjoy all of your favorite ballet barre workouts at home or on the go. Grab your iPhone, find a chair or desk, and get started with one of the many built-in workouts or use the ultra-flexible workout creator to add your own. Simple, iOS 7-optimized interface guides you through each workout with time, progress, reps and move info.

Workout Packed

Access a number of the most popular barre workouts, or create your very own. Customize everything from number of moves and move length to reps.; you have complete control over the ordering of your workout. And, you can even specify per-move labels that will be spoken during playback.

Move to Your Music

Jam along to your favorite music as you work your way towards fitness nirvana. Select any music from your music library and BarreFit will play a track for each move. It will even continue your session and music if you switch to a different app or toss your phone in your pocket.

Have it Your Way

With BarreFit, creating custom workouts is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Create a new workout or copy an existing, choose a title, then set up the moves. You can specify a complete list of moves, reps., and rests or you can create a repeating workout and set the number of cycles.

Workout Tracking

BarreFit includes a built-in workout log that will track every workout you complete and help you keep track of how you're progressing. If that's not enough, it also includes app integrations with popular services such as RunKeeper.

And Much, Much More

Dive into the settings screen to find a number of extras and customization options. From finite control over how your music is played back, to music selection, to complete control over sound effects and text-to-speech feedback, configure the app to suit your own needs.